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What is Peterson’s Test and Career Prep?

Peterson’s Test and Career Prep is a collection of resources, including practice tests and study ebooks, for many standardized graduate and professional entrance exams provided by the Peterson's Company. Some of the tests that Peterson’s Test and Career Prep can help you prepare for include:

Graduate Entrance Exams:


Professional Entrance Exams:

NCLEX (Nursing)
PANCE (Physician Assistant)
Praxis (Education)

and more.

How do I get to Peterson’s Test and Career Prep?

Depending on your device, you will see a black horizontal bar across the top of the page. This is the universal menu bar for the site. You may need to pop out choices from the bar to see the menu options. Click on the horizontal lines in the black bar.

From the Milligan University Libraries homepage, hover over (or click the +) RESOURCES. Click on Specialized Resource M-Z. A drop down menu will appear. Click on Peterson’s Test and Career Prep near the bottom of the list.

If you are off-campus, you will be prompted to log in. Use your Milligan Network ID and password, the same one you use for Canvas.

How do I use Peterson’s Test and Career Prep?

Use the search box at the top of the page to locate test materials.

Type: Praxis

Click "Enter" or the Go button.

There are 3 results. The first is test preparation materials and the second is practice tests.

Click on the one you are interested in viewing. 

You will now have to log in. 

Since this is your first time on the site, you will need to sign up for an account. It is free. Use whatever username and password are easiest for you to remember. (If you have already created a Peterson’s Test and Career Prep account, you can just log in with your account information).

You can now search for test preparation materials that interest you.

NOTE: Peterson’s Test and Career Prep usually only has a limited number of sample practice tests. Review the study materials BEFORE taking the practice test.

Peterson’s Test and Career Prep has rather limited Praxis test materials. Education majors may want to check out this free website with additional materials:


That's a quick introduction to Peterson’s Test and Career Prep. 

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