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This tutorial will introduce you to JSTOR, a multi-disciplinary database. We recommend completing two other tutorials:

Introduction to OneSearch

OneSearch: Advanced Strategies

Let's start learning about JSTOR.

JSTOR provides access to the highest-quality academic journals, books, and primary sources in the humanities, social sciences, and sciences.

Navigating to JSTOR

This is the Milligan Libraries homepage. To navigate to JSTOR, click on the light blue tab labeled "Databases".

Click the down arrow to the right of "Choose a topic..."

Select "General and Multidisciplinary". Click Browse button.

Click on JSTOR.

If you are off-campus, you will be prompted to log in. Use your Milligan Network ID and password, the same one you use for Canvas.

A new screen should appear.

Searching in JSTOR

OneSearch will return some results for JSTOR. But searching JSTOR directly will give the best and most complete results.

Type: "Appalachian mountains" and music 

In the search box. Click "enter" key or click on the magnifying glass. 

How many results did you get for the search: "Appalachian mountains" and music?

Searching in JSTOR

Unlike most other database, JSTOR searches the FULL TEXT of all articles and books in the database. The number of results will be much higher.  You may want to use additional search terms to focus your search.

Look under the search box. 

Notice it says: Sort by Relevance. What does that mean? By default, JSTOR conducts a relevance search. This means that the results with the most occurrences of your search terms will be at the top.  Later results may only have one of your search terms.

You can also sort the results by NEWEST or OLDEST

Click on the down arrow, next to Sort by. Click on "Oldest". The results are now sorted with the oldest item first on the list. What is the oldest result for the search:"Appalachian mountains" and music?

Retrieving the Full Text

For most items, you have two choices to read the item.

To read it immediately online, click on the title of the item. A new window will open and you can read the full text of the item. 

If you would like to print or save the item, click on Download PDF below the item description. You must agree to JSTOR's terms and conditions to download the article. Use the Adobe Acrobat tool bar to print or save.

Searching in JSTOR

By default, JSTOR searches all item types (articles, books, and pamphlets). 

You can search for just one of these item types. Select the box next to Journals below Content Type:

How many search results were journal articles?

Unclick the box next to Journals and this time click the box next to Book Chapters.

How many search results were books?

Find the result: "OTHER USERS OF THE ROAD"

This chapter is from the book: Stage-Coach Days In The Bluegrass


The full text of the chapter is now available to read or download. 

If you want to see the entirety of the book, click on: Stage-Coach Days In The Bluegrass below the OTHER USES OF THE ROAD.

This is the entire content of the book divided by the section of the book. 

Due to copyright issues, you can only download a chapter at a time. You can download as many chapters of the book as you wish. 


There are other advanced searching features in JSTOR. If you want more information or need assistance in using JSTOR, please contact the library staff.

Email: library@milligan.edu

Phone: 423-461-8703

Chat: Click here to start a chat session


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