Citation Creator in MCSearch

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This tutorial will introduce you to citation creation tools available in MCSearch. We recommend completing two other tutorials first:

Introduction to MCSearch

MCSearch: Advanced Strategies

If you are off-campus, you will be required to log in. Use your Milligan Network ID and password, the same one you use for Canvas.

Let's get started learning about citation creators in MCSearch.

The first step is to find something to cite. 

Type: Ron Rash

in the search box.  Click the "Search" button.

Ron Rash is a regional author.

Find the article: "Rootedness and Mobility: Southern Sacrifice Zones in Ron Rash's Serena." in the results list. 

Click on the TITLE of the item: "Rootedness and Mobility: Southern Sacrifice Zones in Ron Rash's Serena."

You should now see a longer record for your item.  

Look at the right hand side of the screen under TOOLS.

Find the 

Click the cite icon.

The middle of the page will now list a variety of citations completed according to a variety of citation styles. Scroll down to see all the citation styles.

Three citations styles are used at Milligan:

APA--Social Sciences, Business, Psychology, Education, Nursing, and Communications

Chicago--Bible, History, Political Science


If you have any questions about which citation style to use for an assignment, ask your instructor.

Citation Tips:

  • Your instructor will be grading your citations, so always check with them for preferred citation style and special instructions.
  • Citation creators are very helpful.  But YOU are ultimately responsible for the citation that you create. Computers make mistakes. Always proofread your citations and double check for accuracy and completeness.
  • Milligan librarians and writing tutors can assist you with proper citation.

What if you item is not in MCSearch and you cannot use the MCSearch citation creator?

There are some very good online citation creators:

Son of a Citation Machine

Knightcite--Make sure to select the correct citation style from the left hand column.

The Milligan College library has copies of the citation manuals for APA, Chicago and MLA for student use. Librarians and writing tutors are available to help answer citation questions.  

This tutorial is completed.  If your instructor wants proof that you have completed this tutorial, please go to the next screen. Please click the "X" to close the tutorial and return to the Milligan Library webpage.




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